Starting A Podcast (Sept 26, 2019)
6:00 PM18:00

Starting A Podcast (Sept 26, 2019)

ThomasVision Podcast Workshop

Thank you so much for your Interest in my Podcast workshop. This is so exciting and I can’t wait to help you get your Podcast started.

Here are some of the things that my workshop will help you with.

  • Help you Identify the best type of audio equipment to record your show

  • An Intro to editing your podcast

  • Finding the ideal ways to distribute your content

  • Formulate a structure for your podcast that fits your brand

  • Recognize and uncover entertaining topics for your podcast

  • And most importantly. Show you how to Launch your own podcast

Sign Up Here - ThomasVision Podcast Workshop

Class Cost - $150

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Wedding Filmmaking Workshop (Oct 10, 2019)
9:00 AM09:00

Wedding Filmmaking Workshop (Oct 10, 2019)

Filming your first wedding can be a very nervewracking experience. In this 8-hour wedding filmmaking workshop, I will teach you how to film a wedding from start to finish.

Here are the topics I will cover in this workshop:

  • Mastering Your Camera Settings

  • Tips for Running Your Wedding Videography Business

  • Wedding Videography Pricing Strategies

  • Introduction to Event Lighting

  • Wedding Gear

  • Demonstrations On Filming Bridal Prep, Ceremony’s, and Receptions

Sign up for the Wedding Filmmaking Workshop here - ThomasVision Wedding Filmmaking Workshop

Workshop Cost - $500

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